Can You Cheat at Craps?

To Be or Not To Be

First, let us make it quite clear that we are not advising you to become a cheat! It’s illegal and, if you’re caught, the penalties are harsh. What we are going to do is to let you in on some of the tricks of the trade so that you can protect yourself and ensure you don’t get cheated.

Methodology of a Craps Cheat

It is possible and it does happen, but to cheat at craps is quite difficult. Basically the techniques can be divided into two categories – simple and sophisticated. Obviously the more simplistic the ruse is, the more often it is going to be tried, while the more sophisticated ploys involve extra risk and additional practice.

Simply Easy

Watch out for the guy (or gal) who doesn’t play, but lingers by the rails, biding their time and watching. You‘re engrossed in a fast-moving, high action game and stop looking out for your rail chips, and then they’re gone with no chance of proving where they went! Similarly, always make sure you know exactly where your money is placed on the crap table. It’s your job to gather up your winnings, so make sure nobody else collects them while you’re still trying to remember where you put your bet.

Riskier Ruses

The more sophisticated tactics usually involve tampering with the dice. Cheats will sometimes make an attempt to introduce modified dice into a game. Dice can be loaded on one side to enhance the chances of a particular number coming up. The “whip shot” is possibly the hardest way of trying to cheat. This specialized throw gets both dice rotating on a vertical axis right to the end of the table without rolling over. However, these days, this is not so easy to do as dice currently used hardly ever sustain a vertical axis on tables with rubber bumpers and speed bumps. Additionally the majority of craps supervisors are skilled at identifying this type of throw and a “No Roll” will be called by the box man.

The Moral of Our Story

Don’t get cheated in craps! Remember, pay attention to what’s going on around you; look out for your rail chips; pay attention to your bets and collect your winnings promptly. If you’re dubious about anyone’s behaviour, report it.

Have fun playing craps and good luck!

Crap Cheaters Caught Red Handed

Leo Fernandez and Veronica Dabul are both being sued by the Wynn in Las Vegas for allegedly cheating while playing craps at their casino. The pair, who are Argentinean citizens where using a dice throwing method called “Sliding”, which gives the thrower better odds of not craping out.

On July 18th, the Nevada Gaming Control Board confirmed that both men had been arrested and are awaiting trail. Leo Fernandez was turned over to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service, and Veronica Dabul was released from jail, and is awaiting trial.

After a point has been established, dice sliding increases the odds significantly of a player not “craping out”. The shooter tries to control one of the dice to make sure it hits the number that he needs.

For example, if they are trying to make one of the dice stay on 6, the smart gamblers will then bet the higher numbers on the board and “box cars”. If you can make sure a 6 comes up, the odds of rolling “box cars” is now 1 in 6, but the payout at the table is 30 to 1, which makes for a very nice return on the betters investment.