Winning at craps for dummies

Craps 101 – How to Win

Craps is all about the rolling of the dice. Not even special dice mind you. The only “unique” characteristic of craps dice is that they are transparent, in order to prevent dice switching. The person who rolls the dice is called the shooter and the other players are called faders. The shooter makes the first bet. The faders then make theirs. Next comes the rolling phase, with the opening roll deciding the pass or don’t pass line bets. The shooter then carries on rolling until a 7 is rolled.

Craps Betting Strategies

To start with give the three numbers working system at try.  With this strategy you make two bets with good odds, then stop betting until a come bet hits, allowing you to make another come bet with odds.

If the table is cold and no one is winning much, place a small bet on the pass line and double odds on the 6/8, or single on the 5/9. This is a good way to minimize the house odds.

Don’t Be a Craps Dummy and Risk It All

There are a number of ways to protect yourself (and your wallet) when playing craps. For starters, keep in mind that odds bets are the best and have no house edge. Then set some limits for yourself, for example how much you’re willing to risk and how much you are looking to win. Once you’ve these established limits, stick to them.

Start with the minimum bet. Although you might not win big you can accumulate some profit. Then, before you leave the table, you can bet your winnings and increase your wagers.  This way at least you’ll break even. If you start losing at this point, however, you can minimize your losses once again by going back to placing smaller bets.

Watch the Craps Dice

Assess the shooter you’re betting against. Decide what kind of player this person is. If the shooter looks confident and competent, go with the best odds and bet on the pass line. If the shooter looks nervous and unsure, then bet on the don’t pass line.

Play like a Craps Professional and use a Craps System

There are numerous craps systems available (both for free and for pay), listing all sorts of advice. Some guides teach you how to roll the dice, while others help simplify the intricate betting rules. We recommend that you find a reliable sounding system that you’re comfortable with it. Keep in mind, if you think it sounds unrealistic it probably is.